Sports Turf Managers of the Year for 2019

Once again it’s the time of year that STMA honors the top sports turf managers of Minor League Baseball for each league across the country.  The profession as a whole takes an incredible amount of work, passion and attention to detail to achieve the desired result as we know.   While there are plenty of great…

Getting The Major League Call-Up

The 2019 Bassmaster Eastern Opens season concluded this past Saturday at Oneida Lake in Syracuse, New York.  Like every year, five professional anglers from the pool of hundreds of competitors, get their “major league” call up to the top level of the sport, the Bassmaster Elite Series (featured on ESPN).  This season, DuraEdge Pro Destin…

2019 DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience Summertime Recap

Were about three quarters of the way through another year of the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience.  From the thirteen-inning game and cookout with Todd Bradley and the Aberdeen Ironbirds crew to the big bass beatdowns on Lake Okeechobee and Lake Erie, it’s been another great season thus far.  The tournament season has also gone well…

Rain Events – Preparing Your Infield Before & After

This weather has been anything but ideal and some days it feels like it may never dry up.

The minute the rain does let up though, there’s immediate pressure to get those fields in shape. This pressure from outside opinions, or even from yourself, can get you into a situation where you’re on the field too soon, resulting in more harm than good.

Best Practices for Moisture Management

Moisture management is an important aspect of maintaining a safe and playable infield. Read on to see our best practices for moisture management of DuraEdge infields. 

RECAP-Year One of the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience

When Grant, Molly, and our marketing department met last fall, I had no idea what was about to come next. Fast forward three months later and we had acquired a new truck, a new boat, and were on our way to Fort Worth, TX for the 2018 STMA Conference.

If You “Re”Build It, They Will Come

WRITTEN BY: DARIN KAIN What happens when an iconic baseball field, like the one used in the movie Field of Dreams, is damaged due to vandalism? You help rebuild it of course. In the Sports Turf industry, if your neighbor needs help, you help. That’s exactly what happened on Monday April 16th 2018 when staff,…