A Note from DuraEdge Regarding COVID-19

The current situation regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) is unprecedented and overall disconcerting. As things seem to be ever-changing and evolving almost hourly, we want to share actions we are currently taking as a business.


Continuing Business

While taking the necessary precautions, we will continue to conduct business to provide you with our products, services and support. Out of safety for our employees and as recommended by the state of Pennsylvania, most of our office team members will be working remotely from home. Our plant will remain open with slight modifications and our vendors are currently predicting no disruptions.


Restricting Travel and Events

We will not be planning or attending any events for at least the next 30 days and we have restricted all non-essential work-related travel for our employees. Although our reps may not be able to assist you on site, we are still here to help remotely.


Increased Presence Online

We plan to increase our educational content in these next few weeks to provide an outlet for continued learning and to offer support for those who are still performing routine field maintenance.


Homefield Crews Remain Operational 

Our regional Homefield crews will remain operational and will be available to responsibly conduct infield renovations during this time. We are taking precautions when it comes to crew members, implementing a social distancing policy regarding customers and others on the job site, and we will continue to monitor health and safety of all involved.


Let’s Do What We Can

Although most fields aren’t being played on currently, we still want to stress the importance of continued infield maintenance. Take this time to implement best practices with self-maintenance or consider renovating your infield without the stress of a normal game schedule. As public health and safety certainly come first, we will work with you to ensure all personnel follow current government and CDC guidelines to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all.


Virtual Community

As united as the sports turf industry already is, we see this as a time where we can all make those bonds stronger. Remember the incredible community that is at your fingertips. We look forward to interacting with you all more from a virtual standpoint and we hope to see some great discussion and growth come from all of this.


Looking Ahead

We will continue to monitor the situation, but at this point we are still here to help you get your fields ready for those game days ahead. In the meantime, stay safe and keep those fields playable!




About DuraEdge Products

Based in Grove City, PA, DuraEdge Products specializes in the production of top-quality products and services for the baseball and softball industry to provide long-term soil solutions, and to cover all the bases for safe and playable infields for the Sports Turf Industry across the United States and abroad.



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