Tips & Tricks for Midseason Maintenance

We hope your season is off to a great start! Even if you came out of the gate strong with a high-performing infield, it is always a good idea to take stock of how your infield is performing midway through the season.   Former MLB Groundskeeper and one of our resident DuraEdge Field Experts, Luke Yoder,…

A Former Groundskeeper’s Guide to Building a Quality Infield

BY LUKE YODER Fewer rainouts, reduced injuries, reliable hops, less maintenance are all achievable in your current venue. It won’t happen overnight, but improved consistency in your field quality is possible in the near term. Getting there means getting real about what’s being done to your field by nature and your grounds crew. The next…

June Newsletter – Moisture Management

One of the most crucial aspects for maintaining a safe and playable infield is moisture management, yet it is often the most overlooked part of a maintenance plan.

Amending Infields: A Scientific Approach – Part 2

It has been 2 years since we did this project and they have not had to laser grade or bring in any additional material. No more washouts or scrambling after a rain event to get the field playable. They now enjoy an infield surface with increased performance and less maintenance.

Rain Events – Preparing Your Infield Before & After

This weather has been anything but ideal and some days it feels like it may never dry up.

The minute the rain does let up though, there’s immediate pressure to get those fields in shape. This pressure from outside opinions, or even from yourself, can get you into a situation where you’re on the field too soon, resulting in more harm than good.

Best Practices for Moisture Management

Moisture management is an important aspect of maintaining a safe and playable infield. Read on to see our best practices for moisture management of DuraEdge infields. 

Caring for Your Infield Skin During the Hot and Dry Summer Months

We are coming into the hottest time of the year, bringing with it a new set of challenges. Many players and coaches might start to complain that the infield surface is too hard and firm, causing playability issues. Read on to find tips, tricks, and appropriate strategies to keep your skin safe and playable all summer long. First…