Calcined Clay Conditioner: Maximizing the Benefits (Part 1)

If you remember back to our previous blog, we covered amending your infield based on science and recent innovation vs. tilling in calcined clay conditioner (CCC) as a cure all. This brings me to discuss what CCC is most beneficial for when implementing best maintenance practices on your infield skin.

DuraEdge partners with All-American Sports Materials

All-American Sports Materials and DuraEdge Products have partnered to bring a full line of solutions for your baseball and softball field needs to the Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas markets. Our goal is to be your preferred one stop shop to deliver all things baseball and softball effectively and efficiently. We strive to bring the highest…

Amending Infields: A Scientific Approach – Part 2

It has been 2 years since we did this project and they have not had to laser grade or bring in any additional material. No more washouts or scrambling after a rain event to get the field playable. They now enjoy an infield surface with increased performance and less maintenance.

Amending Infields: A Scientific Approach

WRITTEN BY: LUKE YODER Sports Field Managers (SFM’s) have been amending their infields since I got into the game in 1994.  This process has included (but not been limited to) tilling in sand, heavy clay, calcined clay conditioner (CCC), polymers, and even ground up corn cobs! Amending infields was not based on science, but determined on touch and feel (art), vendor recommendation, or what was…

DuraEdge Products, Inc. Announces the Hiring of Tom Burns

The knowledge and expertise of Tom Burns will be a valuable addition as the demand continues to grow across the US for DuraEdge products and services. In total, the Business Development team at DuraEdge now has a combined 100+ years of professional sports field experience to offer.

Providing High Quality Infield Surfaces with DuraEdge Engineered Soils

WRITTEN BY: Luke Yoder

When DuraEdge Engineered Soils are properly installed they have been proven to improve safety, consistency, playability, and help mitigate costly rainouts. A DuraEdge surface will also decrease maintenance moving forward because of the soil’s ability to eliminate migration and deliver quicker re-entry following rain events with less conditioner required.

Interview With An Installer: Tyler Woak

How did you get into the sports turf industry? I worked with the Mahoning Valley Scrappers since I was fourteen. I started there as a bat boy and worked my way up to Assistant Clubhouse Manager.  The former head groundskeeper, Ryan, was looking for an intern to help him for a spring season when I…

Interview With An Installer: Jason Jacobs

How did you get into the sports turf industry? Taking care of baseball fields is something I’ve done since I was fifteen.  I worked for my hometown, taking care of about ten fields.  Originally I went to school and got a degree in Sports Administration as kind of a fall back plan.  Afterwards, I interned…

Interview With An Installer: Travis Beatty

How did you get into the sports turf industry? My dad has worked with Grant (McKnight) on and off since before I was born.  When he started Natural Sand Company and then DuraEdge my dad started working there again.  I started working at the plant bagging product.  Then I began working on the construction side…