2019 DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience Summertime Recap

Were about three quarters of the way through another year of the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience.  From the thirteen-inning game and cookout with Todd Bradley and the Aberdeen Ironbirds crew to the big bass beatdowns on Lake Okeechobee and Lake Erie, it’s been another great season thus far.  The tournament season has also gone well as we are currently sitting in 2nd place overall in the Angler of the Year standings for the Bassmaster Eastern Opens season with one event remaining in Syracuse, NY.  Oh yes, there is also some other good news as a little DeMarion “fry” is on the way (for those that don’t know, a fry is what a baby fish, specifically bass, is called).

We’ve got plenty more fishing trips and cookouts coming up this fall.  As we did last year, we’ll probably be headed west of DuraEdge HQ in Grove City, PA to visit some of our customers out in the wild blue yonder.  If you’d like to set something up this fall, please reach out to us on Twitter: @DEBassFishingEx.

As mentioned before, we had some tremendous fishing days this year with our customers.  There were a couple banner days on Lake Okeechobee and Lake Erie, but we also had some fun days with our customers on the water in NY, VA, NC, AL, SC, and GA.  Here is a little highlight video from the trips we’ve had so far this season:

I’ve heard people say to go to college or you’ll end up flipping burgers…well, they must not have known what the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience was when “they” said that (haha).  Getting to meet and get to know so many interesting people from the groundskeeping community has been a treat.  Regardless of the setting, whether it be behind our grill at the ballpark or in my domain, with the guys on the water fishing, I’ve really enjoyed our second season of the DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience and look forward to a fall filled with big bass and burgers.

-Destin DeMarion


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