DuraEdge Products, Inc. Announces the Hiring of Luke Yoder

DuraEdge Products continues to expand its presence in the Southeastern US with the addition of Luke Yoder as Senior VP of Business Development for the Southeast Region

April 9, 2018 – Grove City, PA  DuraEdge Products Inc. and Subsidiaries, the originator of the solutions-based model for designing, building, and maintaining a safe and playable infield skin surface for baseball and softball fields, announces the hiring of Luke Yoder as the Company’s Senior Vice President of Business Development for the newly formed Southeast Sales Region. The hiring of Luke Yoder strengthens DuraEdge’s already industry-leading presence in the marketplace with Mr. Yoder’s remarkable experience and reputation within all aspects of building and maintaining a quality playing surface.

Currently based in South Carolina, Mr. Yoder has been an impressive member of the Sports Turf Industry for more than two decades, while succeeding at the highest level. After graduating from Clemson University with a degree in Turf Science, Mr. Yoder went on to have a distinguished career as a head groundskeeper for the Iowa Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the San Diego Padres. During his tenure with these organizations, he proved to be an innovator and industry leader within his peer group and is frequently credited with helping set the standard for how a modern professional baseball field is viewed, as well as for training many of the head groundskeepers currently serving in various positions around the country.

“The experience and professionalism Luke brings to our already outstanding team of professionals will strengthen our proven position in the marketplace as a solutions-based sales team. Through his inside knowledge of product usage and practical approach to training, we will become better at understanding those whom we serve,” said Grant C. McKnight, President of DuraEdge Products.


The hiring of Luke Yoder will be valuable in developing the process in which they train the future sales force the Company plans to hire as the demand continues to grow across the US for DuraEdge products and services.


“I’m looking forward to working with Luke in the coming months to map out the strategy for success in the Southeastern Region. Ahead of the investment in infrastructure, he will be a valuable asset to forge and establish the customer relationships necessary to support the supply chain required to deliver our products,” Said Michael Viersma, Executive VP of DuraEdge Products.


With fourteen locations to service their current RFQ’s, the Company is ever expanding their footprint in an effort to better service the growing list of installations around the US.



About DuraEdge Products

Based in Grove City, PA, DuraEdge Products specializes in the production of top-quality products and services for the baseball and softball industry to provide long-term soil solutions, and to cover all the bases for safe and playable infields for the Sports Turf Industry across the United States and abroad.





Media Contact:   Molly Buxton | mbuxton@duraedge.com | (724) 870-4419

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