Spotlight Install: Grove City Memorial Park Fields

Towards the end of April, the Eastern DuraEdge team was hard at work at our local park’s ballfields in Grove City, PA. In addition to the DE team, ABI was also on site training some new team members on the Force, trying out newly engineered parts, and shooting some awesome footage (get excited for a really cool time-lapse video!).

Field #1 – Tim Sonntag Memorial Field

During our initial laser grade of the field, we found the mound to foul territory difference to be 10 inches. There was some leveling and cutting back to be done with multiple dips, and grass in the infield, but the overall condition of the field was satisfactory. There were no major safety or playability issues. This was a job for FieldSaver with DuraEdge Classic Infield Mix.

There was no need for removing and replacing here since FieldSaver amends your current infield mix. FieldSaver is designed to combine with existing infield skin material to correct soil imbalances, condition, and add clay content – all in one application.

It was only a matter of hours before the field completely changed shape.

Check out the progress photos from start to finish here:

Field #2 – High School Varsity Softball Field

This field had more significant problems, with additional lip and water pooling issues, this required a full Certified Install with DuraEdge Classic.

260 tons of dirt was removed from the existing playing surface in order to get it ready for the installation of DuraEdge Classic. All that good dirt didn’t go to waste though, the park is planning on using it to redo their practice and T-ball fields.

Check out the progress photos from start to finish here:


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