2022 DuraEdge Bass Fishing Experience

Do we dare say we’re out of the COVID pandemic yet?  Thankfully, in 2022 we were able to connect with a lot of friends, colleagues and customers from our on the water office, the DuraEdge Phoenix bass boat.  From the Southeast to the Northeast, we had the good fortune to hit the water with some great folks.

We started doing this in 2018 with cookouts at the ballparks and taking our groundskeeper friends out bass fishing.  In that time, we’ve had the boat from our home base at DuraEdge HQ in Grove City, PA, all the way through about every state in the continental US!  It’s been a fun adventure this season.  We made pit stops in the Greenville, SC area (2X), Raleigh/Durham, NC, Lynchburg, VA, Norfolk, VA, Baltimore, MD, Buffalo, NY and Erie, PA.  And we are hopeful with the weather permitting to get a few more days out on the water this year.

Our trips thus far have run the gamut from small muddy water reservoirs, vast tidal rivers, deep clear lakes as well as the mighty Great Lakes.  Getting to put guys in the position to catch bass and have fun is truly gratifying.  As many of you know, in this industry, it’s hard to find time to step away from the field or office to enjoy the relaxation of being on the water.  The goal is always to catch the biggest bass that swims, but more often than not, just getting bites and reeling in anything takes you back to a simpler time in life.  It’s good for the soul and I often find it easier to kindle friendships on the water with folks.  Many of my best friends I’ve made through fishing!

I’m thankful again to be back out fishing with guys, post-pandemic, and appreciate everyone who joined us so far this year.  We are hopeful to still have some time to get out on the open water, so if you are interested in joining us this year or the next, feel free to reach out on Twitter: @DEBassFishingEx.  Regardless, tightlines and enjoy a well earned offseason everyone.

-Destin DeMarion

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